Sunday, July 27, 2008

ok, maybe I am confused, but this is an ad for $300 blue jeans, that come with paint on them.

Now I am just a dumb country boy from North East Texas, but I try to NOT have paint on my jeans. I like the $14 jeans from Academy in Austin, but my pal Chris has to buy them and send them to me, cause there is no Academy out here.

Look on the ad, they sell them in a size 44 waist. I bet J Crew does not have $300 jeans for size 44. Ya know why? Cause men that big don't want painted pants. Me either.

I remember when it was Academy Surplus, and they sold army surplus and cheap clothes. Now they are fancy upscale sports, with big, nice stores all over the state. And ya know what? The $14 will probably last a lot longer than $300 custom crafted ones.

and when I get paint on my pants, I use mineral spirits to get the paint off them.

Seriously? do people REALLY pay $300 for "hand crafted" messy jeans?

This particular picture gives me ideas about interesting ways to paint up your jeans:
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