Monday, July 28, 2008

saturday we took Saul to the kid-gym and played, Sara had a day in santa cruz.

Sunday, I woke up with projects to do, and did them. I'd purchased long rods for the car top carrier on the corvair, i got them painted mounted and padded.

in parallel, i bought a folding, metal, bumper mount bicycle rack off ebay ($9, Shipped!) I took it apart, sanded it, primed and painted it, replaced bolts, got it all back together and mounted on the van.

Now I can move canoes and bicycles, hoorah!

I also tightened the exhaust pipe mounts so it is quieter.

then I did some stuff around the house, got my haircut, and am generally in good shape

when I dropped Tarzan off at Daycare this morning, they told me same stomach bug ripped through the place last week, and all kids and staff were down. Phooey

That there van shore looks purty.
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