Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tomorrow, July 25th, will be my 44th birthday. 44 years.

My son Saul was born 2 years ago on July 22nd. 2 years.

I've seen Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, the Berlin wall come down, the Worldwide Web go up. I've seen us go from the greatest country on the planet, where every kid wanted to be president? To the worlds largest consumer of cocaine.

What amazing wonders will Saul see in his lifetime? What memories will he pass on to his children?

I've survived cancer
I've survived 2 years of a kid who will not willingly eat
Car and motorcycle crashes, economic downturns, lost and found jobs.

Divorce taught me friends are your family
Cancer taught me life is short and every moment, good and bad, is precious.
Chemo taught me friends and family is all you have.
I'm pretty well blessed in the friends department.

on his birthday, Saul had a stomach bug that caused him to vomit a lot. (more than usual)

Today? Sara and I had same thing. Sat around puking and pooping, and generally feeling horrible.

You know what?

I am sick and tired of building character. I'm tired of life's lessons. I am tired of hard hard work. I want the good stuff. I want the easy life. and I want it NOW!

send me an email, wish me a happy birthday.
Presence, not presents.

Life is beautiful and Saul's rocking horse is sooooo much cooler than yours.
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