Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My pal Old Man James in Austin (who taught me to roadrace motorcycles) sold his corvair and got a used Geo Metro Wagon. He then rebuilt the motor and transmission, covered it in hippie bumper stickers, and has been driving it regularly.

He complained the standard shift has made a previous shoulder injury hurt more than usual.

He wants an electric, not hybrid, but realizes he needs to wait a few years for a real electric..

He considered buying a more modern "intermediate" car till the Electric, but must be automatic.

Did not want to incur expense, so decided to wait, and suffer the standard shift till electrics arrive.

Woke up a few mornings ago, walked out to the carport, discovered a pile of broken glass and no Geo Metro Station Wagon covered in hippie bumper stickers.

Someone STOLE his Geo Metro Wagon!

Car thieves? concerned about fuel economy.

OMJ made a deal with the car lot owner in his neighborhood, and now has a first year Prius with a newer battery and computer, and he seems to like it.

Ok, Car thieves STOLE his metro.....

I wonder what they go for on the black market in Mexico?
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