Monday, August 18, 2008


Mike came over Saturday night, and read a book

Posing on the big bed

Camelback. Who knew? Sara got home from a motorcycle ride Sunday, and showed him how to use the bite valve system on her camelback. I put mine up in the kitchen, he just drank half litre of water. If he will continue? I will find a kid size and hook him up all the time. WATER is good.

Charles left out the descriptions for the photos:

Top: Saul turning pages with his feet.

Middle: Saul looking calm but actually plotting his next round of mayhem.

Bottom: After scarfing down more than a half liter of water in about half an hour, he proceeded to throw up. While talking on Skype with Grandpa Max and Grandma Janny. They enjoyed the show. Not.
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