Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thank you Jeff, for giving me this Hercules Bicycle, made in India. Its huge and heavy and incredibly fun to ride.

I'm working on buying a 40 spoke Sturmey Archer three speed rear hub, possibly a Dyna model with a working generator built in.

Once it's a 3 speed, it will be MUCH easier for riding around here.


good old Hercules bicycles. i learnt to ride a bicycle on one of those. legs were not long enough to reach over the top tube so with one foot on the near side pedal and one reaching through the gap between the top and bottom tubes, we would half-pedal coz we could not even execute a whole pedal cycle. that's how we learnt. no training wheels or anything. if you low-side it, you have that heavy monster lying on you. Now I sound like an old man trying to tell kids how good they have things these days. but hey, that's life isn't it?
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