Friday, August 01, 2008

this just in from Brad in Oregon

I've been everywhere, Texas Style!

We are off to camping with the Bongs. Tarzan's first time out in the woods. I have 1/2 our house in the sprinter, and still packing.

Will take snaps


Yee haw! I am happy to say that I recognized about 10% of those places in the video. Pretty good for a girl who spent 20 years in California. (At least I was born in Texas.)

We are so far south now that we have to drive north to get Mexican food. Our Red Cross headquarters is in Mercedes, where the folks who WORK in the Rio Grand Valley live. I have had tacos here that make the angels weep and swatted mosquitoes that have enough mass to bruise your leg when they land on you.

Hot, sticky, flooded and wind blown, this area has been rode hard and put away wet after Hurricane Dolly, and there's nowhere I'd rather be.

Hope you had a fantastic birthday celebration. Kiss that baby and hug yer good woman for us both.
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