Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm SUPER Pissed, and I do not know where to take it. (other than email to my congressperson and senator)

We bought a regular mortgage, on a small home, which we faithfully pay.


They are using our tax dollars to bail out the assholes who bought McMansions they could not afford and bigass mercedes they could not afford.

WHERE IS OUR BAILOUT? OR? stop using OUR Tax dollars to bail out the bad decision makers.

No one rescues us or rewards us for making responsible decisons and living at a level we can afford.

It pisses us off too. We work hard for our money and work hard to live within our means. We (collectively all us RESPONSIBLE adults)deserve at least 2 months of mortgage payments to be made on our behalf, courtesy of the US government!
The presidential candidate that takes up THAT cause will get MY vote!!
My sentiments exactly. I'm so angry I can't even talk about it and find myself (gasp) changing the station from NPR when these jokers get on there and try to tell me it's my fiscal responsibility - I'd be saving MYSELF! - to bail them out for their stupid policy choices a few years back. Remember when it was politically hip to make sure everyone had access to credit so they could afford the American Dream? There's a _reason_ banks weren't making loans to some people, and the Fed changed the rules - at Congress' behest - so lending institutions felt safer making risky loans ... they could always bundle the debt and sell it to someone even more short-sighted. Arghhhhhhhh .....
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