Saturday, September 13, 2008

So Hurricane Ike hit Galveston, 2am this morning. Amazingly, history repeats, and folks do not learn. September 8, 1900. Sure, they built a seawall, but really... There just isnt't that much in Galveston worth hanging onto, Storm coming? Go North.

Now, where will Ike go next? Apparently headed toward Lufkin.

CNN is milkin' it for all its worth. "CNN Your Hurricane Headquarters" Well, I'd like to order a small hurricane, oh, and a side of fries? Seriously, they have a camera in a car, and a guy is driving around, holding a microphone babbling on the camera. But no, seriously, he is DRIVING while reporting. I'm thinking that is more dangerous than the hurricane.

From Lufkin to Longview? Not far at all.

The Big Question is? How strong will it be when it hits Longview? Will mom & dad be okay? Is it all Hype? Will it blow limbs off the pine trees? Will Cheyenne the dog be okay? Will mom and dad weather it out with the neighbors? Hopefully drinking Hurricanes!

Will it miss Austin? Hopefully just a big storm, and Sherry is doin great, or havin a nap.

Tarzan and I watched Peter Pan this morning while eating yogurt.

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