Monday, September 29, 2008

three random historical photos for a Rosh Hashana celebration.

First, a major shout out to my Aunt Donna Berliner, who is amazing and wonderful, and was a beauty queen, as evidenced by this news article

Last week at Tacos, one of the guys mentioned a "mullet contest" at his work, and had old photos. here's one of me in about 1983?

Finally, my friend Rebecca got married on Saturday, the wedding was wonderful, her husband is a great guy, but in my mind, this is what she will always look like:

I am snorting with laughter at the mullet photo. Sean says, "It looks like he has a squirrel on his head."

Sorry, dude, you do not take after your aunt the beauty queen. Fortunately, those gene skipped a generation and landed on Tarzan.

I say this with much fondness, of course. We don't love ya for yer looks.
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