Wednesday, September 17, 2008

With many more thanks to Natalie and Giselle, Tarzan has become quite infatuated with Charlie and Lola, a wonderful BBC kid's show about a young lady and her brother. They have brilliant adventures, make-believe and real world situations.

When we feed Saul, some distraction is nice. He does not watch TV so much, but a DVD in the computer or on a portable we borrowed from Uncle Liza, and he is enthralled.

Mainly we've been watching vintage Disney, Peter Pan (1953 version), Jungle Book, etc...

But in the past week, he has decided Charlie and Lola are IT. He will giggle and say "oh, that Lola" etc. he is hilarious, and it is nice distract.

Oh, our roof is finished, New gutters installed, ceiling repaired, garage cleaned out, we are ready for the rains now! Hooray! Many thanks to Kevin Beene and his crew from Atlas Roofing.

And Link to the SNL Palin-Clinton opening

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