Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chandrayaan-1 Launched Oct 22.

The Indian Space Research Organization successfully launched their first unmanned spacecraft, scheduled to orbit the moon.

This is another step on their path to landing humans on the moon.

Listen to me. India WILL be on the moon before America gets back there. We are too busy showing reporters the tools we built, instead of launching rockets.

Pay attention! They are spending money on science, math and education for research and advancement.

Notice this was not widely in the news on US TV? Why? Europe heard about it. Really.

What are we spending money on?
machines that detect explosives in shoes to go in airports in middle America.
BEWARE the TERRORIST THREAT. $7BILLION per year for the TSA to feel up my mother-in-law if she looks suspicious.

Bin Laden won. We have lost our way. We forgot science, education, technology and advancement is the only focus that will get us ahead.

Congratulations to all my friends in India, this was a momentous occasion, and I share in your celebration of science and advancement.

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