Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hooray for the Mullet! Yay Sean & Louise for bringing the noise! :D

SO! in the same whiskey tango thread...

what would YOUR name be if Sarah Palin was your mom?

well, assuming you believe Land of the Lost! Sarah Palin Style!

rs notes

it is not that she makes bad decisions, and is not the best possible VP candidate, No, really, I am not a hater. It's that McCain CHOSE her. This is someone who COULD be the president. Believes Dinosaurs and Man existed at the same time? Named her kid Trigger? Has foreign policy experience because she can See Russia from her house? HELLO? OH NO

this makes me happier

A-Team - Star Trek Mashup!

At pub quiz last night one of the better teams was named "Bristol Palin's Coat Hanger." LOL.

All those kids' names are taken from Alaskan things, btw. The town of Willow, Piper airplanes, etc. Not as random & silly as Outside folks make them out to be.

The rest of it I cannot defend :-)
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