Sunday, October 19, 2008

I took the KTM 300 (2 smoke) out to Hollister this morning. None of the pals arrived, so I rode solo. Meaning a little more cautious, and sticking to the big wide trails, just in case.

they opened a new section, the "Rentz Property" which is nice trails,looks a lot like riding on old country roads. but a couple of really sharp 90 turns, some over a rise, blind to old men, etc.

I was riding great, feeling good, and forgot its been 24 years since I was 20. Hammering up a quick hill, saw the drop left hander, fixated on the fence instead of the trail, and had the left right left right wheel skip that ended in a lowside (yes, better than high side) slid down the trail a little, with the left bar poking me on the outside of the thigh, pulled the left thumb at an odd angle, filled my helmet and gloves with dirt, but otherwise okay. The Thor Impact Rig SE that I was wearing? Totally worth the money.

laughed a little, stood up, cleaned off, got bike back up, took off and rode another hour, just to prove to myself that I was not done.

got home, cleaned up everything, sewed up jersey and pants, etc. realigned front end, bike is otherwise fine

8 hours later? Sore, feeling a little silly, a lot old, and somewhat fat.

high part of the day? passing 3 young punk kids on the MX track. Yes, it looks really cool when you jump so high up there. It does not look so cool that a balding fat old man rolled the jump, kept on the power, and beat you to the next turn. Age and Treachery once again trumps youth and talent.

higher part of the day? got home, 2 yr old Tarzan came out and said "Hi Daddy, can I help wash the bike?"

woo hooo.

We then went to dinner with the Rabasa family. Saul was infatuated with their daughter Savannah. And older woman, you know. It was great to see them, and a stunning reminder that we need to get out more often. Hooray!

tomorrow will be limping around at work, feeling like a dumbass. Still will have had a better weekend than the guys who go to the gym, pay to walk on a treadmill and watch sports on tee vee.

and? big birthday shout out to Joe in Austin. WOO HOO. another year!


Chris was Friday. so many birthdays...

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