Thursday, October 30, 2008

We drove the HOT ROD to school today! Saul really enjoys the Corvair, mostly because he sits next to me? no, because it is loud, obnoxious and silly.

Yesterday on my way home, people kept honking at me. I figured, "Hey, I'm a good lookin guy!" Well, I should have thought "my rear lights are not functioning"

stopped at Mel's for some corvair consultation. He suggested the rear bulbs might be out. We put a electric meter on, and yep! they were. HOWEVER, the previous owner converted the bulbs to LEDs, by cutting out the socked, putting the new bulbs in with epoxy, and soldering wires to them.

I stopped for parts on the way home. Pulled the lenses, pulled the aluminium dish that holds the sockets, cleaned my workbench, cut all the glue off, pulled the LED bulbs out, mounted NEW sockets for standard bulbs, polished the aluminium so it would reflect brighter, and reinstalled the whole shabang. Works like a CHAMP.

That voting commercial? Ugh. If i hadn't absentee voted already it would make me want to *really* not vote just because it's so manipulative. Borat is the only relieving factor. Ugh, stupid commercial.
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