Wednesday, November 05, 2008

woo hooo

on my way to work this morning, I stopped for a coffee with my pal Mel. He is my main car mechanic, and a great guy. Nam vet, meningitis survivor, grew up in Marshall, Texas, fabulous singer. And he's black.

When I pulled in to his shop, he was sitting in a car he was working on, singing, huge smile on his face, and tears streaming down. It was still early, and no one else was around.

I got out of the van, and went to shake hands. Told him I was in a great mood. He said "I've fought for our country, but never did I expect to see this in my lifetime. Do you realize, the door is open now. My grandkids really CAN be anything they want. It's not just lip service anymore"

We sat and had some coffee, and it was just a very happy morning. We agreed this country has been too "mean" under a reign of "fear" with too much "hate" for too long. We have high hopes for a wonderful change, positive country, and hope for our kids.

We talked about how wonderful the Obama family looked during his speech. Beautiful daughters. There will be KIDS in the white house. KIDS! with a Puppy! Smiles and happiness. Fun, Laughter, LIFE!

We discussed how cheerful and amazed all the people in the crowds looked. the many races that make up our great country, all singing and happy and hugging. It was fabulous.

We finished coffee, and he shoo-ed me out of the shop so he could get some work done. It was a dang good morning.

So yeah, I am very happy Senator Obama will now be President Obama. And I wish him and his family good luck and congratulations. And I have renewed high hopes for a turnaround in our country. here's a treat.

Why does everyone call him "BLACK"?

from where I see things, that fellow is WHITE !!!

(okey, maybe not as "lilly-white" as all those previous 'miracle men' democracy has blessed us with, but ..."black"? Hell no!

It remains the white man's world still!

J.B. (yes, THAT J.B. ! :)
...sigh... I had tried to comment a couple of days ago already (that and why I wasn't about to follow anyone to YouTube, or install Flash for any reason) ...with the result:

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Apparently they can't figure out how to capture the event code themselves, so they tell it to me so that I tell it to them?!? That's NUTS!!!

Love those new Tarzan photos, Charles!

J.B. (yes, THAT J.B. ! :)
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