Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i broke my stupid earring. it is a simple gold hoop, with one end hammered flat and a hole in it. I bought it from a craft person in Austin when they used to hang out at 23rd and guadalupe, in 1984. last night the flat end broke. sure, 24 years, small gold hoop and all, but I liked it.

I have a second, but it has a twisted loop at the end, and it is a little bigger. I liked my tiny one. but oh well, everything breaks or dies. Entropy.

Tomorrow we get on an airplane, hopefully fly to wisconsin, with a fast, bolt-through-the-airport stopover in Dallas.

I just hope we make it to Milwaukee. and dont have to sleep in an airport. But, you can see status here!

well, I hope to write from wisconsin tomorrow night. where I will be cold, but fortified with anti freeze.

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