Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm giddy with excitement. Like a wee schoolgirl. You may remember, my "vacation" trip to Loretto, Mexico was canceled this year. We circled the airfield, then the pilot flew us back to LA, skeered of some tropical storm or something. an entire day flying, and ended up back home.


TOMORROW I get to go to Jawbone Canyon, in the Mojave Desert, to ride dirtbikes with friends. Friday - Monday. Dirt and Friends. Whee.

the attendance is dropping daily, people cannot go, etc. but I am SO in. I need to sit around a campfire in the middle of the desert, telling stories at night about my manly antics during the day.

I need time in a place with dark skies at night, dirt and no cell phone/computers during the day.

I need a rest, and this will be it.

Sara & Saul are headed to Lake Tahoe with friends of hers, he will play in the snow some. She will take photos.

did I mention my excitement? There is something about roaring through desert canyons in deep sand at 75mph+, in your helmet, calm, relaxed, concentrating on the dirt ahead, and clearing all thoughts of work, stress, and daily grind out of the mind.

So now I'm jealous. Have a wonderful time throwing those clods of dirt around. (Make 'em go REALLY high.)

I like the pictures of your energetic little boy; oh, I remember that age!

It gets easier. In some ways. And harder in others. Or, rather, just different.

Yeah, still thinking "sidecar."

Today, school canceled out east here due to ice storm. Not a bad thing at all.
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