Friday, January 30, 2009

arm not broke, not even sprained! all is well

Sara called me at 3 today, asking if I could go pick him up, as Saul fell and hurt his arm at scribbles, and they were not sure what happened

of course I bolted out of the office like my ass was on fire

if my kid is hurt?
every-fucking-thing else in the world STOPS till we know what is wrong, what needs to be done to make it better. its like, I heard 'maybe hurt" and I was GONE - 75mph down Lawrence not-Expressway with a single point of focus till I saw him

at scribbles he was holding his wrist, and was very quiet, and said he had an owie

they said he fell, but no one saw what happened, but then he started saying it hurt


I looked and poked, and it looked okay to me, but we went to Dr. Contini's anyhow
and in the truck, he was saying it hurt a little but it did not stop him from holding a cookie with it, and eating

so got to doc, sat and waited a little, and he was playing with toys, manipulating things, etc. I knew he was mostly ok

when doc walked in, he held up his right hand, and said "I have an OWIE" and pointed to his wrist

so they felt and poked and prodded and said he is ok

They speculate what happened was probably he fell, it hurt a little, everyone over-reacted, he got caught up in it

so the doc's pronouncement?

more drama than trauma

I like it

We are all home and safe, he drank some bottle with Sara and was snoring by 8:30

I'll watch the wrist over the next day or so, but doubt it will be anything. Maybe he will remember, and stop jumping off things? nah....

Taking my shoes off like a big boy!

and they go over here
odd note, the shoes under the stool on the right side are mommies, not daddys, I learned, I put mine away :-P

putting shoes away in the shoe box

Check out my socks!

escape artist practice at Eric & Lissa's


Remember who taught your son "Check out my socks!" and then we'll talk about differences in communication.

I love you,
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