Friday, January 02, 2009

I tried to drink myself crosseyed, well, accidentally, at Matt's annual New Year's Day back yard flat track racing invitational, BBQ, and stupidity festival.

At some point, we had 7 bikes on the track, in his backyard. I was not riding, cause my silly ears are still jacked from the airplane ride, so I watched, commented, and had fun.

I made black-eyed peas for new years good luck, and folks ate a whole crock pot of them. I guess I did good. Saw friends, enjoyed, it was a blast.

Sara and Tarzan rode over on a bicycle, he wandered around saying hello, seeing different motorcycles, then? sitting on me, he poked my belly and said "Daddy, you are squishy!" ugh.

drank too much, stayed up too late, had just enough fun.

This morning I woke up reasonably ok. Just the ear thing is getting old.

Matt came over to bring Saul some more train stuff. Brio is cool, I guess. If you know anyone with bags of it for hand-me-down they want to unload, let me know. We all sat at the table and had soup. Progresso, but still. Sara was sitting next to Saul, and he ate his OWN soup, with a spoon, by himself! it was good.

rest of the day was spent trying to avoid leaving the house. My ears are ringing intensely, and popping, and I cannot hear from the left side. Dang it

I was reminded of this "Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft." and understand, I moved here in 2000. and have been here too long. I am squishy.

Have you tried a neti pot yet? Another computer nerd I know who has also worked in India turned me on to it. My skull-based mucus membranes feel better than they ever have in the winter. Clean ya right out :-)
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