Thursday, January 15, 2009

Last night was very productive.

Sara went out to see movie, Saul and I did chores. First we stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond, I got a mattress protector envelope for my futon. I have been having dust-mite issues, and futons are basically giant bags full of trouble. So I put this lovely guard on to help cut down the dust and allergy issues.

Tarzan helped put it on, mostly by jumping on the bed, hollering "daddy poo poo, daddy poo poo"

as an added bonus, it is waterproof if he barfs, etc, in my bed.

I ALSO bought a 6 pack of "space bags" and bagged up a bunch of my archival quality T shirts. Shirts I love, but do not wear often, but want to keep. And some sweaters.

Space bags are cool. giant ziploc bag, you shove it full of things, the put a vacuum cleaner on the special hole. Turn on the vacuum, have Saul yell "no daddy, too loud, I do not like it" and a few seconds later, it has sucked all the air out, and everything fits in 1/3 the space.


then we went to bed, he was cranky, so he slept in bed with me, and all was nice and calm, Sara came home, joined us, and we snored in 3 part harmony....

"archival quality T shirts"?? I'm just sayin'...
Tokyo Biker Mommy beat me to it, but "archival quality T-shirts" ? Yeah, DaVE has a "few" of those. He thinks. They got packed away and then lost in the move...they gotta be around here somewhere honey...yeah yeah, that's the ticket....
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