Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Last night we were at Rebecca's mom & dad's for a cookie party. Saul saw Emiko, and a good time was had by all.

However, around midnight, he woke up, in his bed. VERY scared. Screaming "daddy daddy mommy mommy arghhhh"

by the time I got to his room, he was out of bed and running at the door, but aimed at the dresser, and VERY upset.

I scooped him up and said "I'm here Saul, it's okay, it's okay" He grabbed me in a giant bear hug, arms and legs, and would NOT let go. He was shivering, and upset.

We got calm, I asked him if he wanted to sleep in the big bed. He said "Daddy, in Daddy's bed"

Went into my bedroom, he would not let go, and held me as he fell asleep.

Woke up again about 1:30, and said "I need you to change my poopy diaper, I am scared"

We went into his room, when I put him on the changing table, he popped right back up into my arms and would not let go. I managed to get him changed (it was only a pee pee diaper) while holding him with one hand.

Back into my bedroom, I asked him "Sollie, what are you scared of" "The GOAT" he replied. then went to sleep.

Up again at 3, wanted some bottle, still scared, but I told him there is no goat.

Up again at 3:45, "I have a booger nose" so we blew his nose and back to sleep

Up again at 4:30 "I am scared, you rolled over, I thought you left" so I held him

Up again at 5:30 "I want a little bottle please"

Up again at 6:30 "I think the goat is in the garage"

finally asleep till 9, when we had to get up for work and daycare visit and shower.

He explained to us there is a goat that lives in a playhouse under mommies desk, and he is afraid of it, could I put it in the garage.?

The garage is where we put scary things, because the motorcycles will keep scary things under control

We had a long talk and look under the desk, no goats. I am positive it is a phase or something, but when he says "I am scared" I'll do anything I can to make him feel secure.

What are you teaching that boy!??!

Goats are The Awesome.
I didn't think the Chupacabra went that far north!
Maybe you could search out some cabrito for him to eat this weekend - tell him that the goat got killed and now you're eating it!
The curse/blessing of having a child of above average intelligence is you also get the amazing imagination that goes with it. Sometimes that means dealing with the boogieman of the week.

What a gift it must be to have a child feel safe and comforted enough by you to sleep in your arms when frightened. You are so lucky.
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