Thursday, January 08, 2009

night of puke.

Last night, no goats, but puke, lots and lots of puke.

I lost count at 3, but He may have unloaded 5 times.

I know I did 3 loads of laundry, and I crashed about midnight, Sara had him in her bed the rest of the night, and is home with him now.

Not sure, there is no fever, could be upset stomach, or? he is just messin with his folks. I do not know, but he looked much better this morning, when he was telling Sara "no mommy, i NEED my milk"

she was giving him pedialyte or water, and only small amounts, so it would stay in.

he better grow up to be a freakin genius who rolls in the bux, cause he's gonna have to take care of his parents.

Sara seemed to like the amber earrings (round 2) with silver attachment points.

i am at work, but need rest

stopping on the way home to buy a pee sheet at Bed Bath Beyond

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