Thursday, January 01, 2009

we got home safe and sound last night, it was 50 degrees and a little rainy/drizzly in San Jose, but great to be home.

Saul slept on the flight from Chicago to SJ, but drank lots of pedia-sure. Woke up as we landed. When we started gathering up to get off the plane? he unloaded about 6 oz. :( Sara caught almost all of it with her jacket. GREAT catch!

My ears would not "pop" on descent, and now my left ear is very ringing and sloshy. I put drops in it, maybe take a day or so. I'm off balance and cannot hear anything.

Then Saul felt entirely better, we changed him, got out to the airport, and got everything repacked and ready. Out to baggage claim, and Uncle Matt was waiting in the sprinter.

Home, a little laundry, a little chatting, a long shower, read some "Make Way for Ducklings" and all asleep. before midnight. But happy and new year and all.

I am still happy from my prime rib at the Char House in Beaver Dam, and the Filet at Twin Shores, in Fox Lake

Saul had fun on the trip, cause last night he told Uncle Matt all about Cousin Taylor's dog Patches, and Grandpa Buzzy's nose that goes "aooga" and Baby Jake, Grandma Suzie, and Real Porter on and on.

All was well

plan for today is to eat some, then go to Matt's for traditional New Year's Day backyard motorcycle flat track races and bbq, and silliness.

Hope your new year is wonderful.

and your chick-fil-a...and fudge...and cookies...
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