Sunday, January 18, 2009

yes Sara, dear, I know you throw everything away, recycle it, donate it. i know.

But I like things. things that remind me of good times, good memories, etc. I still have the shirt with a cow on the front that was given on my birthday, that I wore till it was so think and threadbare, i still cannot get rid of it.

Chris Thomas has a photo of me in my racing leathers with the cow's eye visible, says it looked like the cow was guiding me around the track....

anyhow, tangential,
I just returned from a sunday ride at Metcalf dirtbike park. I have not ridden dirtbikes since my last trip to the Desert. Took the big boy, the 535. The monster 4 stroke dual sport. why? because the 300 2 stroke is in the shop for work.

First thing in the morning, I did a few laps on the MX track, it is in horrible shape, actually the whole park is in horrible shape. the county MUST shake loose some budget for maintenance.

but as the morning wore on, I got used to the big bike, it's not light and easy to bully around like the wee 300. But it is strong, and will lift the front end in any gear at any speed, to hurdle madly through time and space, getting me past anything I need.

someone cut a new offshoot of a trail. if you veer a LITTLE right, there is this 2' hill, that now has a vertical "pop" on it. You commit. I WILL go up it, you hit it at speed, and it acts as a "step up" vaulting you vertically, up, killing all your forward momentum, but making for a really fun jump. (on a GRAND scale, step ups are used in the X games for a big jump, on a motorcycle. I only get about 3 ft in the air of the little one at metcalf.)

so I rode, I had a great time, I was jumping, and running single track, diamonds, uphills, basically wearing myself out, so when I got hom, I washed the bike, put Tarzan down for a nap, wrote this, and will be asleep in 5 mins after I hit post.

it was a great morning.

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