Friday, February 13, 2009

Spoiler Alert! VERY SAD BOY, do not watch, if you are gonna cry.

Saul is having a VERY hard time adjusting to his new daycare. He has been at Scribbles and Giggles Pediatric Daycare since he was 3 months old. He knows everyone there, and is very comfortable.

However, he NEEDS to learn to eat better, by watching other children, with more normal eating patterns. So we have moved him to Temple Sinai Nursery School. He is in a class with kids his own age, but? he is the smallest boy there, and it is new, and he does not know everyone.

And he is very sad. He cries every day, and fights and bargains with us to do anything other than go to school. He cries at night, he cries whenever we talk about it.

I am told this is normal, and a transition this big is difficult. But it is also hard on me and Sara, because this is the first time we have really seen Saul unhappy.

This morning, I took some videos at breakfast. We had a good shower, and got him dressed, but Sara had to leave for a doctors appointment, and he got a little wound up.

In the first clip, he is mad the camera is there, and does not want to take a video.

Second clip, mom tells him she has to go to the doctors office, and he says he wants to go to the doctor with her. "because I want to go to the doctor with you" He does not really want to go to the doctor, he just wants to be with mom, and NOT go to daycare...

Third clip, I manage to calm him down just a little big, and feed him some yogurt while he watches Charlie and Lola. He is calm, but not happy, and eats all the yogurt.

Fourth clip? Total Meltdown. We are done with the yogurt, and it is time to get out of the chair, get coat on and go to school. At this point, he will try anything. He wants to go to the doctor, he wants to go home, he wants to stay home. He clings to me, and I finally get him calm enough to get out to the van...

Fifth clip, in the van, big, huge crocodile tears. He is SOO unhappy. He cries all the way

When we got to Sinai, he would not let go of me, and was crying so hard he tried to make himself throw up. I handed him off to Einav, she is one of his teachers, and very nice.

Miki, the director showed me some photos they took yesterday at the teddy bear picnic they had. Saul was sitting quietly with the other kids, and ate all his grapes. She feels he is beginning to get more used to it.

Sara and I work to pick him up early every day, so he gets some happy time each day. When I picked him up yesterday? the moment he saw me, he was smiles, and even said he had a LITTLE fun at school. So there is hope

But it is very hard on Sara and I, which is why we are so tired at the moment.

OMG!! My poor little guy! I would be in tears every day if I had to drop him off. Then again, he has me totally trained.
Emiko saw the clips, and it made her upset to see Saul upset!
Poor Mom & Dad!! The kid will get over it eventually, but how rattling for you. Nothing worse than thinking your child is unhappy, and the guilt for working parents is huge.

we've been lucky that all our (numerous) daycare transitions have been seamless -- but they're *still* hard (for me) at first. I can only imagine how much it must hurt if the kid isn't into it.

dunno how true this is, but 6 weeks seems to be about the interval "they" say things settle in. good luck, hang in there, hug him lots.
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