Monday, February 02, 2009

We have a winner, thanks Tia! Orange Socks! no design, plain orange socks. Ordering now.

and some photos of him eating a chocolate cupcake last night at Dale's superbowl party
(sorry for crap cam-phone images)

and! Broke Jack's Mount!
link to photos of Jack's BMW

when trying to unload this GIGNORMOUS, heavy, big thing, with NO brakes, on my wee tiny motocross ramp, it attempted to jump off, flip the ramp, and bellyflop on me.

did I mention I can barely reach the handlebars when standing on the ground?

Sara hopped in, used her superhuman MOMMY-STRENGTH, and helped get it all safely to the ground, tires only.

is s now dripping in Jack & Cora's garage. He's still a little dizzy, so the folks at Stanford are gonna keep him overnight just to check on him. I reckon he is fine, but needs rest

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