Monday, March 30, 2009

After chemo, I realized I am balding. and I know what I look like all the way bald. Well, it is spring, and I got tired of messing with my thin hair, so I had Julie shave it with a #2 clipper.

Saul? "daddy, what happened to your hair? It went away. I do not like"

however, after 2 days, I really DO like it. it is easy, comfy, and feels just fine.

Sunday night he and I went to John's Xlint in Willow Glen with Mike and Evie. Saul ate lots of warm bread, french fries, and some chicken strips. Drank lots of water, and had a generally good time.

Sunday morning, I rode dirtbikes at Metcalf park. The county just re-graded all the main trails, so I was able to ride TO the fun spots, without wearing myself out. Then ride like a madman. It was wonderful fun.

these two photos are from March, Saul eating at Sinai.

the thing to notice here is, he is eating, and he is sitting with other kids, who are also eating. and? he likes to wear orange.

Welcome to the hairless club for men!
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