Thursday, April 30, 2009

I do not have the swine flu. I have allergies. they cause my nose to run, drip down my throat, and I cough a little. I do not have swine flu. But I do like bacon

I'm on my way to work today, it's gonna be a meetingful day, with lots of travel between buildings. Anyone who schedules a 12-1 meeting? SCREW YOU. I need lunch.

anyhow, I am putting on my gear, gonna take the bike. And the moment I get my helmet on, the phone rings. It's Evie. Am I okay? Sure I am okay.

OH, someone crashed a motorcycle on Hwy 87 this morning. Well, wasnt me, and I did not see anyone down on my uneventful ride in.

Saul has a little Pinkeye, but he is taking drops and getting over it. Some kids get lots of ear infections. Ours gets pink eye. I am okay with that. Except the Not in School thing.

Every other week is a meeting-filled, less than super, but still okay week for me. UNfortunately, he gets pink eye on a meeting week, so I cannot work from home and take care of him. Sara is having to pick that up.

She did make a great dinner last night

Oh, and? the broken washing machine? Orange sock stuck in the pump. $80 later? works like a champ.

The dog door in the back garage door was falling out. Fixed

The garage wash sink was clogged - Fixed!

it was a productive afternoon yesterday. Saul helped some.

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