Thursday, April 16, 2009

in Texas, making big fun with grandparents.

showing off his new boots, while playing badminton and playing with bubbles

i got TWO new pair bifocals at EyeMart Express, so cool

We went shopping at Academy, I wish was in San Jose, and bought tons new clothes for mom and dad.

Grandfather and I ate at Bodacious BBQ with TJ Campbell. I would kill someone if it brought Bodacious to San Jose.

went to Cavender's Boot City, and got Saul the coolest looking kid boots.

Sandi and a long stream of friends have come to visit. Sandi had the great idea to drive around and take pix of all the "jesus sez" etc, signs all over the place. there are 3 churches per block here, and they all have cool signs, however? not enough time. been mostly, well, eating and visiting people

Just had Chik-Fil-A for lunch. again, wish was in SJ

We are sleeping in my kid brother's room, which is like, a shrine, tons his stuff. the dressers still have clothes from junior high. So I got on the ball, and cleaned out the closet in my room. 3 garbage bags of junk, and shipped one large rubbermaid box of games and toys home.

I hope to stop at Academy one more time before we head to dallas, they have a TWO holster belt with guns, just like the Brave Cowboy book he reads at night.

The food comment, oh yeah, let me leave my own.

It has been Passover for the last week. Passover just ended last night. Part of Passover is that you can't eat wheat or corn. No leavened products or products that could become leavened under any circumstances. So there is matzoh, unleavened cracker-type stuff that is made from special Passover-certified wheat.

And for some reason, even though it's entirely possible to make any number of dishes without wheat or corn, for some reason these same dishes are made with matzoh during Passover. Scrambled eggs with matzoh, veggie lasagna with matzoh, matzoh with butter as a snack, matzoh meal sweet potato biscuits - i tell you, it's a matzoh fest.

So the joy of eating is doubly brought home after Passover is over because not only can you now eat anything with wheat or corn without thinking twice, you also don't have to beware the inclusion of matzoh in a perfectly good bowl of ice cream.
I can't wait to show these pictures to Emiko!
Knockout duds! If Tarzan is potty-training, you're gonna break my heart! "oh don't worry, girls are easier...." YEAH RIGHT!
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