Monday, April 06, 2009

showed up today, and had totally TOTALLY forgot about an all-hands meeting I was supposed to present at. Fortunately, I know what I'm doing, and no one was any the wiser, till now.

miscellaneous from my phone

Saul with a visor totally cool maybe not

Saul and Mike

i got this jazzy phone from work, and i can't really take good photos with it, oh well.

so? Friday night my pal Phil got married. He and his girlfriend entered a radio station contest to win a "wedding in a week" we all voted for them, they won, they had one week, then they got married. It was quite nice. At Viansa Winery in Sonoma,

great view

beautiful couple

odd sculpture

great dinner

then saturday was all running and doing. and a blur

Sunday morning, I rode with Antonio at Metcalf. We rode long, and pretty fast, it was fun. Rode all the sharp, windy, difficult trails, and wore ourselves out.

tonight had spaghetti, and cut up some roast beef for Saul to eat with toothpick, which he dutifully did and did well.

Passover on Wednesday

That sculpture is a copy of one in Florence. You throw coins into its mouth. We took some drunken pictures in front of it. It was a very popular pig.
I'm glad they won their wedding! How cool!
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