Thursday, May 28, 2009

As Always, Joe is right! I should be doing this work myself. if I only had time, space, time, etc....

If I was smart (like Joe) I would be restoring vintage caddy, not vintage vair. Caddy has some intrinsic value.

BUT! I am not smart.

and I am dealing with potty training a certain young lad who is smarter than me.

this is what happened Sunday morning:

"Daddy, wake up! Wake up!"
what is it Saul
"I made a poop in my big boy pants, and I need you to clean it out"
why didn't you go in the potty?
"I did not feel like it"
why do you want ME to clean it out?
"I don't want mommy to know"
why don't you want mommy to know?
"She will be dissapointed"

oh, he KNOWS. he KNOWS what he is doing......

Last night at bedtime, we read stories, drank bottle, turned off lights to sleep, and he said "I want to sleep in YOUR big bed"

Saul, can we sleep in here?

"No, your big bed. I'll be safe in there, I am afraid of things"

we've had the discussion he is always safe with daddy. And he wanted to sleep in my bed, so he pulls out the "I am afraid" card. Trying to be sly, I asked him, "What are you afraid of" he replied

"Things ... BIG things!"

Well, ya cant argue with that. so we slept in my bed. he snored, tossed all the blankets on the floor, rolled over and thrashed about, and ended up sleeping at a 90 angle to me, with his feet in my mouth.

but he was safe....

too smart. too cute.

Woke up this morning, and I said "lets go pee in the potty, then I will shave, and we will have a shower"

his response? "Daddy, you are too big to pee in MY potty"

we went, he peed, he pulled pants down and up, he emptied the small pot into the larger one, he watched me shave, we had a good-morning-shower.

it was a good morning indeed.

Ah yes, the Space Time Continuum issue.
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