Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am not having a good day

on my way home from work today, in the 1962 Corvair 8 door van, which everyone but me dislikes so much? I heard a loud "BANG" followed by a series of loud clicking sounds, with small backfires after each, then she stopped. like, "done"

coast to side of busy california freeway. Get off road in conveniently placed turn-out. open read doors, open engine cover, look in, see smoke wafting out of right side carb. HUH?

pull air cleaner cover, and look in. and notice? NO choke butterfly, or mounting rod for choke butterfly.

I think I sucked it through the carb and into the head, and jammed a valve. I think. But ya never can tell.

Called good friend, who, once he stopped laughing, came and picked me up, took me to corvair guru shop, who said "let's get 'er towed in and have a look"

left $$ for tow truck buddy of corvair guru, and came home to mope.

mope mope mope

Restoration work must be done yourself. Unless you are Jay Leno, no one you can afford to hire will be as thorough as you can be. I have over 260 hours (over 6+ weeks) in the current caddy project and have just barely gotten through the drive-train. BTW I found that my carb had also been rebuilt improperly; among other items, butter-fly screws not staked in, float levels wrong for year model (by .25"), float needle seats installed backwards....... The list of previous mechanics F-Ups is at least 1.5 pages single spaced.
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