Sunday, May 24, 2009

Potty training

ugh. Who can I pay to make this happen? I know, no one. Sara and I worked on him all day yesterday. We are using the book "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day" by Nathan Azrin & Richard Foxx, the 1974 totally not politically correct version.

"Like many other psychologists who study the learning process, we felt obligated to apply new discoveries about learning to those persons who suffer the most from the problem - namely, the profoundly retarded persons who have such a deficit in learning ability they must be confined to an institution."

Is this book geared to the kid? or us, the parents? after yesterday? I think the parents.

We walk through the steps, we repeat, but? since food is the reward, and he does not like to eat? we are working in it. Plus? he is very smart, and KNOWS what we are up to. He will play along some, then jack with us, just to let us know he is in control.


so for more pleasant things,

Friday the new Bryant 2.5 ton high efficiency AC condenser was put in. it works like a champ, we took measured readings inside and out, it does what it should. However? two in a row cold days. No problemo!

and photos

making blue handprints for mothers day cards

Spin Spin Spin. When I spin his top, he will sit and spin. and got dizzy

Swinging while in Dallas (photos from my dad)

He should be in control, it's his wee-wee! More useless advice from yet another person who doesn't know your kid:
- rewards work for some; for us it backfired 'cause the moment became about the REWARD and freaking out because they want the M&M or whatever.
- hard to push pottying, but don't drop it either. if you can, be happy with even the tiniest step forward.
- some kids like to choose their own underwear patterns.
- NONE of my three ever went just because I say it's time, it's got to be their idea. The advice to use an external authority ("the timer says it's time to go") never worked for us.
- it's a really bumpy road and you're never sure you're going the right way, that is really really hard. even if you have to back off for a few days or weeks, it's still laying groundwork for the next try. we did cold turkey to underpants after lots of practice at home, attempting over weekends, but both boys needed a few times before it took.
- daycare helps some kids; not having to prove to mom or dad who's the boss can eliminate a hurdle.
- boys have more options -- mine liked peeing on ants!
- it's killer, they're all so different. we potty-trained two boys at 2-1/2, one much easier than the other, and now the girl is giving us far more trouble than the boys did (girls are supposed to be easier). it's all about personality and you just don't know the right keys to play until after you hear the music.
- hang in there, be frustrated but don't get discouraged, he's actually doing great (even though your parents swear up and down you were completely done, including night, by age 2, they all say that and personally I think it's BS!)
Yeah Aunt Gersa!!!!
That is a great picture of both boy and grandmother having a great time. David B.
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