Monday, June 22, 2009

Saul has a Melissa&Doug sushi bento box. this is a video of him making the rolls and cutting the rolls, and serving them to a customer. :)

Kevin in Reno has a mini flat track in his back yard. We took Saul for some rides, he seemed to have a great time. Don't let the gigantic smile fool ya....

on the way back from reno, we stopped at Cabelas sports store, and Saul loved this pop-gun. Since he is averse to loud noises, we thought it may be a nice way for him to get more used to them. He calls it his "fire arm" and reminds us to be safe around it.

SO, we went to visit our pal Kevin Johnson in Reno this weekend. He is rebuilding Saul's vintage BMW sidecar conversion. When we got there, Saul saw the bike on the work lift, and said "Kevin, you broke my BMW motorcycle"

By the end of the weekend, however, he was saying "MY BMW is apart, but Kevin is getting it put back together"

Saturday morning, we walked around downtown, and sat by a nice river.

Sara and Kevin went on a dirt bike ride Saturday, she had fun. Saul and I stayed home, he was cranky and would not nap.

But it was all pretty fun and nice to be out of sillycon valley for a bit.

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