Monday, June 01, 2009

Thursday was Shavuos, and Saul participated in the fun at Sinai. Witness, a kid who does not eat, seems to like the ice cream bars.....

Now it is time for study. Are your papers in order?

And here we have the culprit. The Cam gear on the corvair. Click on the photo to enlarge it, notice the gear teeth on the lower right side? yeah, nt supposed to look like that. Just sayin...

a boy, his dad, his dad's toy

Rode motorcycles on Friday afternoon

had sushi friday night

Saturday was Dale and Joan's wedding. it was nice, they got married.

Saul stayed over with Julia and Mark. And Mark bought him a Guitar! Well, a Saul sized Guitar (link to Julia's photos) *ukelele* and is helping him learn to play

I said anyone buys him drums, it is over, but a guitar is nice. and Mark is a trained professional....

Sunday afternoon, Saul showed me his guitar, and made up some songs. Mostly about Charlie and Lola.

Marv's not here....
Marv's not here...
but Sizzles is.

(Marv is Charlie's best friend. Sizzles is Marv's dog, a dachshund)

then his next song

Lotta went shopping
Lotta bought a present
Lotta went shopping
Soren Lorenson is imaginary

Lotta is Lola's best friend, and Soren Lorenson is Lola's imaginary friend.

Saul holds the Uke in his lap, like a steel guitar, and seems to strum backwards, but with more tutorship, I know he will be a star.

Guitar, motorcycles, handsome, blonde, smart.... he can be ANYTHING he wants to be!


DO NOT let anyone install the new Cam gear set who has not done it previously!!! Must be Corvair Mechanico Nerd!! Gear to shaft install is critical. Heated gear and cooled shaft; held together until cool. Final end play is also critical.
Consult the Clark's guys......

Also, check INSIDE oil pump for any scars. Now is the time for a high volume pump; NOT high pressure (no need).

Jungle Eddy
But what he really wants to be is a Human Slingshot. Saul loves this video (and so do I).'s mom
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