Monday, July 06, 2009

the ads here for bikes are FABULOUS

Empowering girls!

Scooty Streak from Campaign India on Vimeo.

Play with mud

Mad Stunts!

and I love MY Royal Enfield, but could you imagine this commerical in the US?

This was playing on tv in 2004 when I bought mine

what I am sayin? they have cool ads here

i heard this tune a few nights ago, on MTV, and tohught it was a video, till I realized its an ad for cellular

Walk when you Talk! I sooo dig it.

walk when ya talk, walk when ya talk... I cannot get it out of my head....

jeff in CA gave me his Hercules bicycle. I've converted it to 3 speed, and it is STILL hard for me to ride.

commonplace here

Remember, you can click any photo to see a larger version

Charles, for your own safety, please don't walk when you talk. You can barely walk when you WALK.

Love ya. :)
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