Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sara is on a girls camping canoe trip, so Saul and I are bachelors for the weekend. Hanging out doing guy things.

For dinner, he wanted four fish fingers, and a picnic. We compromised on fish fingers and pringles, sitting out on the back porch and had fun

Then we were going to stay up late, so we rode the big bicycle over to Uncle Matt's, hung out a little, then came back home, with hopes of staying up late, eating candy, etc, but Saul fell fast asleep on the couch next to me by 9:30. (8 is usually the "lets go to bed" beginning)

Put him in his bed, where he snored like a madman all night

This morning he came in around 6, crawled into bed, snuggled up next to me, and said "dad, my pull up is soaking wet" then started snoring.

Got the pants changed, got him situated, I crawled back into bed, and he stopped snoring, to announce "I want milk in a bottle, and I want it right exactly now!"

Back up, bottle made, back to bed, he drank ~ 6 ounces. then? at 7? started coughing, he is a little congested, but it turned into a full tilt puke. I caught 98% on my chest, but a small amount went past onto carpet.

Into bathroom, cleaned him, cleaned me, back to room, cleaned carpet, started laundry, and now? at 7:30am, he is ready to be awake, and there is nothing I can do.

He wanted more candy for breakfast, so I gave him a mint, then got brekkies prepped. Pancakes, syrup, orange and orange juice. He did great. ate it all up, then we had a good morning shower, tried to loosen and clear all the snots.

Dressed, and I tried very hard to convince him a nap would be nice. No, we will watch Wiggles videos on the computer in dad's bed.

Okay. till 11. When we took the big bicycle over to uncle Matt's again, to watch him disassembling a car.

stopped at MacDonalds on the way home, as his highness wanted french fries. right NOW. Please. happy meals now come in paper bags, I did not know this. which is good. It means I have not been to a mac donalds in a long time. And would like to keep it that way

He ate some fries, drank some milk, then said "lets take the rest home"

Cargo shorts! today? carried cargo! Bottle of milk in one pocket, with a happy meal mini beany baby dog, box of fries wrapped in napkins in the other pocket. Bike lock chain around my neck, helmets, cell phone, and away we go!

got home, he is sitting, drank a little more of the milk, ate NO fries, but demolished TWO clemintine oranges.

he is almost through, on to the rest of our day

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