Thursday, October 22, 2009

Afternoon Update from Sara

Saul was not comfortable this morning. We did take a long shower and that seemed to help a little but he still didn't want to talk and was lethargic. I finally got him to drink a smoothie that i made from sherbet and yogurt - we watched some real inane kids' programing on PBS.

It took a couple hours but gradually he started to get livelier, until he was pushing cars and trucks around the floor and singing, shouting and talking to himself quite loudly. That's what he's doing now at 3PM. Oh, he just got into one of the kitchen drawers and is strewing things about the floor - i guess he IS feeling better, up to his old tricks.

Hopefully the healing trend will continue but we have to expect some low-points along the way.

anesthesia is really tough, and can stick in your system for a long time. He WILL get better, but expect some sluggishness and even moodiness for a while (I felt like it was several months in my case)
Hoping for the best for all y'all, especially Saul, y'all. Sounds like he's on the mend!
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