Thursday, November 12, 2009

today was a big day. We all went to the Mikvah at the JCC, for the Bet Din to witness a Hatafat Dam Brit and Certificate of Conversion for Saul.

It's not a conversion, but it is a promise for the parents to raise him in a Jewish home. Then when he is 13, (at that oh, so rebellious age) he has to make the choice himself if he wants to be Jewish or not.

I think it is pretty cool. He gets to wait till he is older, and HE makes the decision, not us.

Anyhow, we went to the JCC, Saul and I went in the Mikvah, he was NOT happy about it, he said "Rabbi Josh is not swimming with us, and I do not have my floaties" But my folks and Sara were all there, and I got to be nekkid in the pool in front of a lot of people! woot! with Saul.

my overall impression? the water was cold.

Floaties, not Floaties

When we got home, I put mezuzas up at the house, and then? we went to dinner at Original Joes. With Jack! :)

on the way home, he said "I want to be in my bed, with my best blanket, and a bottle with milk in it"

which is exactly where he is now.

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