Friday, December 25, 2009

Sara's family sent christmas in boxes to California. And Grandma Susie found the best card ever, wishing both happy hannukah AND merry christmas, ON THE SAME CARD, covering both sides of Saul's family. Brilliant!

look at all the loot!

Elmo Tickle Hands, from Tia Julia, very very close to the line. Not quite a drum set.... :D But he is still trying to decide if he will touch them. My hope is he will pester her endlessly with them! :)

this game from Cousin Taylor is a fishing game, but he calls it "Sticky Fish" after a Charlie and Lola game. and? it is very funny to watch dad try to play it.

big smooshie cow!

Instead of Chinese food and a movie, which is customary for my Tribe, Evie has a tradition involving turkey and celebrating her and Steve's birthdays. This evening. Before I knew this, I set up a batch of beef soup-stew. She said "bring it" I am thinking? it may be spicy enough to cure what ails ME, but may put a non-Texan in a bind, and a yankee straight in the grave. Will take it along. MMMMM Our house smells like peppers, beef and taters, and all the yummy caldo Sara will miss out on. Maybe some day she will convert back to omnivore....

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