Sunday, December 27, 2009

So Charles, what's the current insane mad scientist project d'jour?

Cargo Trailer Conversion!
Why? Why not?

years ago I moved my grandmothers stove out here from Texas. I bought a Pace American cargo trailer. Which I've used as storage off and on. It fits well in the driveway. And I have been using it as a garage addition, holding 2 motorcycles.

Well! Tarzan is 3. and getting bigger. Family camping, and hopefully dirt biking is coming up soon. I cannot justify or afford a fun mover. and I have no place to park it.

I do have a bunch of camping stuff taking up space in the garage and the shed.

So looking around a little on the internet, I learned about cargo trailer conversions. People were taking modern cargo trailers, and turning them into a type of TearDrop Trailer, for the modern age. There is a forum full of ideas and examples.

I saw a conversion done on a bigger trailer than mine, that looked pretty cool

My goal is: Store 2 bikes and camping gear in my driveway, "ready to go". When we get there, pull the bikes out, unfold cots or air bed, have a place to sleep that is warm, insulated, and comfy.

Remembering, I ALSO have the sprinter. I have lots of space. But the trailer should store all the camping gear, all the cooking gear, everything I need, and get it all out of the garage.

Yesterday and today I worked on insulating the sidewalls. I started by removing the Luaan plywood sheeting and trim from the interior. this is assembled with screws and staples. So I pullet the trip, removed all the staples, and unscrewed the sidewalls.

I stacked the wood, measured and cut 3/4" pink foam insulation to fit, and placed panels on all the sidewalls. Then screwed the wood panels back in place

I am not exactly sure what to do with the roof yet. But I know I want to replace the roof vent with a fan powered unit. And I want ladder racks mounted, So I am going to wait till tomorrow, and stop at a trailer outfitting place to learn more about it. Before I start on the roof.

measure twice, cut once. Measure the insulation, cut, fit in place, go to next panel. Use as much insulation as I can, with minimal waste, so far, so good.

front wall back in

all walls up. No trim yet. Blue tape marks side bars for support.

Additional steps for tomorrow? Learn about:
- New Roof vent
- Ladder/cargo racks
- spare tire mount
- under sealant
- led interior lights
- deep cycle battery & box (under trailer mount)
- stabilizer barjacks?
- possible cargo hitch mount for VersaHauler

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