Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Quick summary for those not on facebook

Saturday: blr lunch with Kumar and family? Brilliant. Rush to airport to find out: Flight cancelled, then rebooked 2 hours later.

guy next to me waited till wheels hit the ground landing, and filled 3 bags with puke.

bus from plane to gate? full of mosquitoes.

Security at hotel scans bags, Bullet (motorcycle) exhaust pipe got them interested, so unpacked in lobby. Taj is still a very beautiful hotel.

Saturday night, Dinner with Aparna and friends at her dad's private fancy club.

laundry South India is hot. you sweat out clothes quickly here

Breakfast at the Taj

Sunday, nice, quiet restful day. Sunday night, dinner (sushi)

Aparna showing patented brilliant smile that won Miss Chennai 1989

Me at work Monday morning

man on standard bicycle, note, 1 kid on front, one on back. I missed the shot of the guy with 2 kids, riding in traffic, talking on the cellphone. I am totally not skilled like these guys


Had lunch with my friend Ravi today, we spent three hours chatting. He is doing some very cool things. then we took walk to the bookstore and back - now? packing to get ready, tomorrow I must check out at noon, then spend time with folks till 11pm trip to airport for 2am flight.

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