Monday, March 15, 2010

for a kid who does not like eating, I must say, plain cheese pizza is a favorite!

flying a kite with mom, one kite is in the air behind me taking photo, other kite is on the ground

this is Canoas Park playground, in our neighborhood. I am calling the city parks department tomorrow, then my GREAT council member, Pierluigi Olivero, to ask they put some more bark down. See how high the turtle is?

Here is Saul standing at the end of the kiddie slide. Notice how high it is? yeah, kids come down the slide, then drop to the ground. hmmm.

My beautiful wife Sara standing at the swingset. for perspective, she is 5'7" and the swing is at her bellybutton. If you can get onto the swing? you have to get someone to push you, because you cannot reach the ground...

Cool, I grew an inch!
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