Monday, June 21, 2010

Saul hanging out playing computers with Chris

Sherry & Saul at Central Market Playground

Sherry & Saul

Sleeping with me at Chris' house in Austin

Saul hanging out with Zack in Austin

Stores in NE Texas

Sleeping in the Sprinter

Hwys in TX

Texas Wienerland! I have a Texas Wiener.

At the Railroad Museum in Marshall, TX

Sandi. who saved the party, making a fish dish for Sara

Folks 50th anniversary party in Longview

and yes, he is having chocolate cake with Grandfather Max

Dancing at the party

Last rest stop in Texas.

Sunset over New Mexico line

Route 66

Tucumcari historical museum, Saul got to STAND in and climb around a bay window caboose!

New Mexico Rain! We drove from Tucumcari almost to Albuquerque and back. Sara's wallet was found, and we got to see this beautiful rain.

Saul and Sara headed into Petroglyph park outside Albuquerque. We arrived ar 4:51pm, the park closes at 5, but there is also an open area we went up to see.

Climbing up in the rocks, checking out the petroglyphs!

Saul decided he liked running on the sand, back to the parking lot!

Views from the South Rim of the grand canyon

In the "WatchTower" at the canyon

I do not want to walk on the sidewalk

At a scenic outlook, we backed the sprinter up for lunch. Sat in the back, made the ice chest a "table" for Saul. Ate, watched Yo Gabba Gabba on the laptop, and saw the canyon.

View of Sara out takin photos while we had lunch

Saul is the Leader! we went on a mini hike, and he insisted he was in front and the leader.

Saul and Sara pointing out the sites at South Rim

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