Monday, June 07, 2010

the speed limit in Texas is 80

so I went 80. as fast as the van will go

Got in last night, had dinner with James at Hyde Park Bar & Grill, talked a storm, then went to Chris' house to unload
He got home, we delivered BSA to gal for Ken, came back and slept great.

This morning, woke up, went to Academy, for sandals, which I forgot to bring. Stopped by Tamale House #3 for some breakfast Tacos, then to OMJ;s to eat.

Off to Mac the Welders, where I got to ride OMJ's restorated 305 Honda Superhawk. It ran insanely smooth, fast, light, and fun. Of course, it was very hot outside, and i could not take a long long ride. But what a brilliant bike.

Then we had to get James home for his trip to Stephenville. After, Chris and I went to Joes, to grab him, then down to Cabela's in Buda. Stocked up on some necessities, then back into town. Visited Pointey Headed Steve, who has a hilarious cat that falls over if he ties socks around it. Well, I need to find the YouTube Worthy video that Joe took, to explain.

Loaded up, and out to the Salt Lick for DINNER!

Entrance to the Salt Lick

todays specials

Meat smoking pit

Giant Plate of meat

Beans, pickles

let the destruction commense

peach AND blackberry cobbler

empty giant plate of meat

3 pals at rest

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