Monday, September 27, 2010

I have not been posting as much as I feel I should, but will try.

first, some catch up on our best boy - Rosh Hashana at Mike and Evies.

My new Toy - 1962 Chevy Corvair Station Wagon - 110hp, 4 speed manual, upgraded suspension Now the van is for sale

and? Mexico fishing part 2. Return to Loreto - 9-23-10

good morning Bloody Mary at San Jose

Alaska Airlines fancy lounge in LA

the sign says respect their limit of 3. I am showing my respect

We stayed at La Mision hotel in Loreto. it was just beautiful


other side of room

Bathroom shot for Brad

the shower here is bigger than the bathroom at Oasis

view across the Malecon, at the bay (off the balcony)

Bar facing the pool, on the second story

headed out in a Panga to go fishing

View of bar from our room

someone clowning around at the pool

Our pal Raul at world Famous McLuLu's fish taco stand

hoisting a margarita at Mitas Gourmet. Juan Carlos the chef is a master host, the food was divine

appetizer is a cheese spread

clams and cheese sauce

grilled parrotfish with vegetables and a chipolte sauce

Mike catching dorado

on lightweight fishing tackle, for more fun action!

coming into Playa Blanca

on Isla Carmen

this is what a Panga looks like

Sean with the biggest Dorado of the weekend

our boatload of Dorado

World Famous McLulu at her taco stand

appetizers at LaMission

Raul made us Ceviche with fresh dorado

Cream of Shrimp soup to die for.

Plantain and pulled pork appetizer

next day, clowning around in Rhinos

Mike and Glen got theirs stuck

if you enlarge this photo, it is buzzards sitting on top of cactus, with their wings spread to cool off

Dale, looking like a stud

bloody mary leaving Loreto Airport. Raul in the background, showing off his fabulous moustache

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