Monday, November 15, 2010

Saul Statman’s Very Boring Weekend

Friday night everyone was very very tired, so we made a family nest and we slept in the living room

Saturday mom and I made pancakes.

Daddy worked on his Harley, and I had to stay away because I did not want to get smooshed

At night we went to Cha-Cha Sushi where they know me. I ate plain miso soup and salmon sashimi. After eating the nice waitress brought me strawberries and whip cream for being such a good boy

After Sushi I rode the merry-go-round outside Luckys. I rode 4 times, and gave daddy high-5s, sometimes down-low, but sometimes he is too slow.

Sunday we did guy-things. Daddy and I went to the tool store. I got a cool new flashlight that is my best color and a Velcro belt

We stopped at macdonalds that daddy does not like, but I had a yummy chocolate milkshake

Grocery shopping I rode in cart, and played with my Velcro sunglasses

Sunday night we had dinner at Outback, I had salmon. With my friend Savannah and Donovan and got hand-me-down clothes

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