Friday, March 25, 2011

in November of 2000 when I started working for Cisco, a coworker told me, never ever eat in the cisco cafeteria anywhere

And I have eaten Cisco San Jose 3 times, and been sick from Cisco San Jose 3 times

Now I can add BLR! :)

We re having bad bad problems. Both Colleen and I are sick, we cannot stop vomiting and diarreah since last night.

Whenever I am standing, I become dizzy and sweaty, this is actually the sickest I have ever been in India. We suspect lunch at Cisco yesterday

Called the hotel physician who sent up 2 tablets of medicine, with instructions to take them, then wait ~ 3 hours, and see if feeling better, if not, he will come to hotel.

Colleen seemed to get it ~ 8pm last night then me 2 hours later, and she is feeling a little better, so I hope I am next, sure I will be.

anyhow, it has slowed my BLR roll. :)

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