Saturday, March 19, 2011

just quick, had delicious breakfast at the Taj Coromandel, then checked out, and drove south to Mahabalipuram, the temple by the sea south of Chennai.

Colleen was very nervous out on the highway. Less cars, but more passing. and when you round a corner with 2 busses passing each other headed at YOU? well, she was nervous. so she buckled her seatbelt across the car into the only buckle in the back

but she shot flip videos

of the odd signs

Temple on the road

Mr. Service will fix it for you

Family transport. Saul would LOVE it here

At Mabs

Colleen in Temple

Wall of elephants I have always been so fascinated with

Colleen on top at mountain cave

At fisherman's cove. We booked her into a cabin, and I was going to stay in the main hotel to save money. I was a little jealous of her cabin. Which is one of the 'new' ones, and very cool

She LIKES it, it is very nice, and cozy, with view of the bay of Bengal

but! My room is in the new annex. and? looks like something from Architectural Digest. I actually like it so much, I would totally remodel my house to look like this if I could afford it



bathtub begging for Jesse Davis Style Bubble Bath Abuse

view out the door

we went swimming at the pool, and had fish fingers at the swim up restaurant, then walked on the beach a little. I accidentally caught a good picture of Miss Johnson

And a self portrait of myself.

Now we wait for dinner at the "upper Deck" at 7:30 then a great night of sleep

(note! she took pix of me, so I am waiting for her to transfer data to her computer, then will post, in case ya'll wondered, why pix only of her, me? coming)

How warm is it there by the ocean? Is the water warm? Do people swim or surf?
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